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Amar Akbar Anthony

Director:  Manmohan Desai
Year Released:  1977
Rating:  2.5

Here lies another unfortunate victim of ... plot overdose! Three title brothers are separated from their parents (and each other) in the beginning of the picture - all because of their chauffeur father's dealings with a shady mob boss - and spend the rest of the movie reuniting, finding love, fighting crime and singing singing singing. Instead of trying to do 'too much' Desai tries to cover 'everything': soap opera, 'comedy,' musical, karate!, tragedy, and never stops unveiling new plot elements, making this a casserole of concepts, one on top of each other (first they're on the beach! then they're on a bus! here's a new character you haven't met before! here's another character you just saw twenty minutes ago in a different outfit! why do they all sound like they're shouting into a microphone!). Some might take to the zaniness, but I just found it to be corny - though, to its credit, it's never, ever dull.

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