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2018 Films Ranked
Updated 9-19-18.





Support the Girls (Bujalski) [* Totally heart-warming and one of the best movies of the year (thus far), but not long enough. We needed more, Andrew. More. (Did Linklater help out?)]
Lean on Pete (Haigh)
Reversing Roe (Stern and Sundberg) [* Further proof (as if anyone needed it) that misogyny is alive and thriving. It's their bodies, assholes, they can do whatever they want with them.]


Isle of Dogs (Anderson)
The Devil and Father Amorth (Friedkin) [* If you don't mind me, I'd rather not think about this for a long, long time.]
First Reformed (Schrader) [* I was feeling the austerity for the first two acts, but when Hawke and Seyfried go on a Magical Mystery Tour in front of a PowerPoint presentation and then Hawke turns into a mashup of Father Travis Bickle and Paul Bettany from The Da Vinci Code it ... lost me.]
The Surrounding Game (Lockhart and Pruitt) [* An oddball documentary - about teens playing the ancient game of Go - done with compassion and the patience to explain it to casual viewers.]
Take Your Pills (Klayman)
The Rachel Divide (Brownson)


Den of Thieves (Gudegast) [* A big, goofy action movie influenced by Michael Mann and Bill Friedkin - it's not as smart as it wants to be, but that's all right. I still think Gerard Butler is an underrated screen presence.]
Survivors Guide to Prison (Cooke)
Adventures in Public School (Rideout) [* Doheny and Greer are a magnetic pair - he's lanky and awkward, she's bombastic - and it knows how dumb it is and just asks you to go along with it. Oedipus Smiles!]
White Fang (Espigares)


The Commuter (Collet-Serra)
Deadpool 2 (Leitch)
Annihilation (Garland)
Next Gen (Adams and Ksander) [* Crisp CGI, but an off-brand version of Big Hero 6 and every other movie they could "borrow" from. Shouldn't we be listening to Elon about A.I.?]
Peter Rabbit (Gluck) [* This is really about Communism, isn't it?]
The Outsider (Zandvliet)
Game Over, Man! (Newacheck)
Hereditary (Aster) [* Holds its own for a while before it turns into the Cult nonsense and lost me. Collette does hysteria very well.]


Submergence (Wenders) [* I actually liked the weird chemistry with McAvoy and Vikander, but once they're separated physically it stops working.]
Black Panther (Coogler)
Ibiza (Richanbach)
The Package (Szymanski) [* Note: John S. Hall did not contribute to the screenplay.]
Extinction (Young)
The Bleeding Edge (Dick)
The Polka King (Forbes)
The 15:17 to Paris (Eastwood) [* Okay, Clint, you want to be John Ford 2.0.]
When We First Met (Sandel)
Recovery Boys (Sheldon) {* Good intentions abound, but what about the broader picture? It's an epidemic, and no one wants to really get into it.]
Unsane (Soderbergh) [* Plays this cutesy game of "is she or isn't she bonkers" for a while (ignoring huge, gaping plot holes) but then the third act falls to pieces. For his next project, I want Soderbergh to shoot it exclusively with a PXL-2000 camera.]
The Titan (Ruff)


You Were Never Really Here (Ramsay)
Thoroughbreds (Finley)
Birthmarked (Hoss-Desmarais)
The Ritual (Bruckner)


Ready Player One (Spielberg)
The After Party (Edelman)
Set It Up (Scanlon)
A Futile and Stupid Gesture (Wain)
Happy Anniversary (Stern)
Anon (Niccol)
Mute (Jones)
How It Ends (Rosenthal)
Manhunt (Woo)
Golden Exits (Perry)
The Kissing Booth (Marcello)
Like Father (Rogan) [* This should be Royal Caribbean's new slogan: Come, Sail the Seas While Unloading Your Personal Baggage!]
Alex Strangelove (Johnson)
A Quiet Place (Krasinski)
Kodachrome (Raso)
Outside In (Shelton)
Gotti (Connolly)
Father of the Year (Spindel)
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (Newell) [* Schmaltzy middlebrow junk: you can see its moves coming a million miles away. Also: Nazis, they were bad, etc.]
6 Balloons (Ryan)
Every Day (Sucsy) [* Sweet Psychological Shitshow, Part 1: Makin' Out With Everything.]


Paradox (Hannah)
Fifty Shades Freed (Foley)
Dude (Milch)
The Cloverfield Paradox (Onah)
The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (Hill)
The Week Of (Smigel)
Cargo (Howling and Ramke)
The Open House (Angel and Coote)
Tau (D'Alessandro)
Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (Samuels) [* Maybe Barb should have stayed in the Upside Down.]
Super Troopers 2 (Chandrasekhar)
I Kill Giants (Walter) [* Sweet Psychological Shitshow, Part 2: Schizo-Nerdball Boogaloo.]
Flavors of Youth (Various) [* Pass the MSG.]


Fullmetal Alchemist (Sori)

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