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2018 Films Ranked
Updated 4-21-18.






Take Your Pills (Klayman) [* I'm probably overrating this little pop documentary that could have been a YouTube series, but as a teacher ... those kids take a lot of medicine don't they?]



The Commuter (Collet-Serra) [* The "plot" is straight-out stupid (don't think), but no one does panicked like Mr. Neeson.]
Annihilation (Garland) [* The internal mechanics of this are funky - Science Fiction: Making Square Pegs Fit! - but Garland's visual sense is impeccable.]
The Outsider (Zandvliet) [* Some people found this 'culturally insensitive,' which it could be, but what's actually ugly about it is how they just chucked in random "Japanese symbols" and made Jared Leto look spacey for two hours.]
Game Over, Man! (Newacheck) [* The gags land on the cheapest possible level, but I did laugh more often than I thought I would, so there's that....]


Black Panther (Coogler) [* The marketing team for this deserves an award for hyping this up ... but it's more of the same, like a video game "add-on" pack that gives you new weapons and character designs but keeps everything else the same. One of the major problems: your villain should never be more interesting than your hero.]
The Polka King (Forbes)
When We First Met (Sandel) [* Makes a valid point - hey, maybe our soulmate isn't who we think it is - but the road to that conclusion is scatterbrained and ridiculous. It helps if you find Adam Devine's squinty frat humor to be endearing.]
The Titan (Ruff) [* Netflix is the new direct-to-video dumping ground, but damn it to hell if Schilling doesn't act her posterior off.]


You Were Never Really Here (Ramsay) [* I don't believe Lynne or Jonathan Ames meant any disrespect to war vets with mental troubles, but this is too garish to be semi-realistic. As he's been known to do, Joaquin commits 120%.]
The Ritual (Bruckner)


A Futile and Stupid Gesture (Wain)
Happy Anniversary (Stern) [* Of course these two dipshits belong together: no one else is going to tolerate their flaky asses.]
Mute (Jones)
Golden Exits (Perry)
6 Balloons (Ryan) [* You are drowning. You cannot swim. Some people cannot write well-rounded scripts. You are drowning. A fish floats next to you. The fish says, "Dave Franco is trying too hard to be taken seriously as an actor." You respond, "I realize that, but if your brother was James Franco what would you do?" The fish shrugs. You shrug.]


Paradox (Hannah) [* Holy calamity. Why didn't Daryl (not a filmmaker, naturally) just make it a standard concert film?]
The Cloverfield Paradox (Onah) [* "Mastermind" Oren Uziel should be kept away from screenwriting software the same way children should be kept away from Tide Pods.]
The Open House (Angel and Coote)


Fullmetal Alchemist (Sori)

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