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2018 Films Ranked
Updated 12-03-18.




They'll Love Me When I'm Dead (Neville) [* Exceptionally balanced, and with some neat tidbits I never knew before (Welles edited a porno!?!).]
Zama (Martel) [* Beautifully weird and disjointed ... and surreal without being obnoxious.]
Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Neville) [* Full confession: I watched the show as a child and really enjoyed it, so I'm not sure others will have the same reaction ... but it's so good to know Mr. Rogers was wholesome and practiced what he preached. What a delicate soul.]


Support the Girls (Bujalski)
Lean on Pete (Haigh)
Reversing Roe (Stern and Sundberg)


Isle of Dogs (Anderson)
The Devil and Father Amorth (Friedkin)
First Reformed (Schrader)
The Surrounding Game (Lockhart and Pruitt)
Sorry to Bother You (Riley)
Take Your Pills (Klayman)
The Rachel Divide (Brownson)


Venom (Fleischer) [* Tom Hardy is a Force of Nature and makes this Marvel movie - about schizophrenia? - all the more pleasurable (while coasting through familiar plot points).]
Den of Thieves (Gudegast) [* A big, goofy action movie influenced by Michael Mann and Bill Friedkin - it's not as smart as it wants to be, but that's all right. I still think Gerard Butler is an underrated screen presence.]
Adventures in Public School (Rideout)
Game Night (Daley and Goldstein)
Sicario: Day of the Soldado (Sollima) [* Humanizing the Del Toro character is a major misstep; Sollima is not Villeneuve. Still pretty tense, and that music is ominous.]
White Fang (Espigares)
Mission: Impossible - Fallout (McQuarrie) [* Popcorn fun, although the ending has so many switcheroos and ah-ha moments it becomes exhausting. I've known since the late '90s that McQuarrie is not the most reliable storyteller....]
Survivors Guide to Prison (Cooke)


The Commuter (Collet-Serra)
Deadpool 2 (Leitch)
Annihilation (Garland)
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (The Coens) [* Or: The Various Moods of Joel & Ethan. Neat as a smattering of their styles into one package, but let's be fair: only 1/3 of the shorts are any good (for me: the title ditty and "Meal Ticket").]
A Star Is Born (Cooper) [* Was this Cooper's way of trolling the Academy to get Gaga more awards? Because I think it is.]
Hold the Dark (Saulnier)
Next Gen (Adams and Ksander)
Blockers (Cannon)
Peter Rabbit (Gluck)
BlacKkKlansman (Lee) [* A strange tonal wreck - like "Summer of Sam" - in which Lee's court jester-like antics keep the rage at bay.]
The Outsider (Zandvliet)
The Hate U Give (Tillman, Jr.) [* It's "important" (quotations necessary) as a Sign of the Times, but I'd rather not be lectured at by a pretentious teenager (unless I'm getting a paycheck for it).]
Game Over, Man! (Newacheck)
Private Life (Jenkins)
Hereditary (Aster)


First Man (Chazelle) [* When D.C. isn't cribbing liberally from other space movies, he has Gosling, stoic as ever, facing possible destruction (except he doesn't, as we all know). It's only truly 'exciting' when the camera begins wiggling around.]
Submergence (Wenders)
Black Panther (Coogler)
Ibiza (Richanbach)
The Workshop (Cantet)
Avengers: Infinity War (The Russos)
The Package (Szymanski)
Extinction (Young)
American Animals (Layton) [* I like Layton's style of mixing documentary and re-enactment - it's like the History Channel but with more style - but these kids are such morons it's hard to empathize.]
The Bleeding Edge (Dick)
The Polka King (Forbes)
Thelma (Trier) [* Was kind of hoping it wouldn't be just some dumb metaphor for Homosexual Panic, but that's about all it is. Oh, and having zealot parents.]
The 15:17 to Paris (Eastwood)
When We First Met (Sandel)
22 July (Greengrass) [* It starts (!?) with the attack on Oslo and Utoya, and then turns into a mediocre two-hour hospital-and-courtroom drama. Greengrass is only effective when he has his handheld cameras wiggling all over the place - he doesn't have it in him to explore the emotional side of tragedy for that long.]
Ocean's Eight (Ross) [* Aping Soderbergh is never admirable.]
Recovery Boys (Sheldon)
Unsane (Soderbergh)
The Titan (Ruff)
Disobedience (Lelio)


Incredibles 2 (Bird)
The Other Side of the Wind (Welles) [* Sorry, dear Orson, but this wasn't your best.]
Eighth Grade (Burnham)
You Were Never Really Here (Ramsay)
Thoroughbreds (Finley)
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (Van Sant)
Outlaw King (Mackenzie) [* Forgettable post-"Braveheart" Battle for Scotland ... but every friend group needs at least one Black Douglas in it.]
The Nun (Hardy) [* Bichir and Farmiga-the-Younger are a better than expected pair to lead this ... and nuns are scary ... but it's still another chop-shop horror cash machine.]
The Kindergarten Teacher (Colangelo) [* When you remake a movie (in this case, the 2014 Nadav Lapid effort), shouldn't you try to fix the flaws of the original?]
Tully (Reitman)
Birthmarked (Hoss-Desmarais)
The Ritual (Bruckner)


Ready Player One (Spielberg)
The After Party (Edelman)
Death Wish (Roth) [* So we're supposed to believe Dr. Bruce Willis never fired a gun before?]
Set It Up (Scanlon)
A Futile and Stupid Gesture (Wain)
Happy Anniversary (Stern)
Anon (Niccol)
Mute (Jones)
How It Ends (Rosenthal)
Manhunt (Woo)
In Darkness (Byrne) [* Basically a way for Dormer to showcase herself - she co-wrote the script, too - but did the plot have to be this stupid?]
Golden Exits (Perry)
The Kissing Booth (Marcello)
Like Father (Rogan)
Alex Strangelove (Johnson)
A Quiet Place (Krasinski)
The Party (Potter)
Kodachrome (Raso)
Outside In (Shelton)
Malevolent (De Fleur) [* I would pay to watch Florence Pugh chop onions for three hours ... but not even she can make this semi-scary.]
Gotti (Connolly)
Father of the Year (Spindel)
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (Newell)
Billionaire Boys Club (Cox) [* Fast-talking but dumb white collar hustlers get theirs in the end? Good.]
6 Balloons (Ryan)
Every Day (Sucsy) [* Sweet Psychological Shitshow, Part 1: Makin' Out With Everything.]


A Wrinkle in Time (DuVernay) [* Maybe giving your villain the voice of an arrogant five year old isn't the best of ideas....]
Paradox (Hannah)
Fifty Shades Freed (Foley)
Dude (Milch)
The Cloverfield Paradox (Onah)
The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (Hill)
The Week Of (Smigel)
Cargo (Howling and Ramke)
Apostle (Evans)
The Open House (Angel and Coote)
Tau (D'Alessandro)
Winchester (The Spierigs) [* Nothing nothing nothing JUMP SCARE nothing nothing nothing JUMP SCARE etc.]
Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (Samuels)
Super Troopers 2 (Chandrasekhar)
I Kill Giants (Walter) [* Sweet Psychological Shitshow, Part 2: Schizo-Nerdball Boogaloo.]
Flavors of Youth (Various)


Fullmetal Alchemist (Sori)

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