Director: Quentin Dupieux
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 3.0

Jovial beach bum Manu (Grégoire Ludig) is asked by his acquaintance Michel-Michel (Philippe Dusseau) to deliver a special briefcase so he steals a Mercedes-Benz, gets his buddy Jean-Gab (David Marsais) to tag along and then is shocked to find that in the truck of the vehicle is a gigantic fly ... which they name "Dominique" and train her to steal food and rob banks.  This completely ridiculous premise is once again presented in a deadpan manner by filmmaker/musician Mr. Oizo who, as he did with 2019's Deerskin, takes it as far as he possibly go, with Ludig and Marsais acting as the equivalent of America's Bill and Ted: two loveable losers who just want to eat food and chill out.  Many will probably find it frivolous - which it is - but I think it's admirable for embracing absurdity.  Special mention needs to be made about Adèle Exarchopoulos' unexpectedly hilarious (and mentally damaged) "sleuth" who shouts (almost) every line ... and keeps fly feces in her pocket.