Director: Bruce La Bruce
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

Right after his grandmother passes away, Dominic (Félix-Antoine Duval) discovers his biological mother (Tania Kontoyanni) is still alive ... and then he finds out he has an identical twin (Duval once again) who lives in a monastery that he ... has romantic feelings for (which reminds me of the title of a Margaret Cho special, "I'm the One That I Want").  I have to give La Bruce some credit for taking a wild idea and running with it - we live in an age of total narcissism, and many of us are all too comfortable taking pictures of ourselves on a daily basis - and while the production values are ... somewhat improved, it still has problems you'd expect from an amateur: iffy acting, pacing issues, clunky dialogue, etc.  It's listed as a comedy, but I didn't find it funny until the very last scene: at least the Mom isn't banging the sons, because that would have been excessive.