Zeros and Ones

Director: Abel Ferrara
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

There's supposedly a "3000 year war" going on in Italy so soldier J.J. (Ethan Hawke) is there, his brother (also played by Hawke) is imprisoned and injected with a drug, he has to impregnate a woman and oh yeah, terrorists are blowing up Rome's landmarks (including the Vatican!).  Some will try to piece together the garbage to assemble a narrative about the COVID-19 pandemic and American imperialism or something to that effect, but having spent five minutes trying to piece together what's happening, I realize I spent four-and-a-half minutes longer thinking about it than Ferrara did.  If an NYU or UCLA student screened this for me, I would ask him or her to start from scratch, and then wonder aloud how said pupil got Ethan Hawke to sign on.