The Man Who Loved Women

Director: Fran├žois Truffaut
Year Released: 1977
Rating: 3.0

An incorrigible pussyhound (Charles Denner) reviews his long sexual history with a peculiar number of women, relishing the positive qualities of all of them, for his autobiography. Might be construed as the ultimate male fantasy - despite being middle aged, he manages to seduce who he wants, when he wants and then leaves them shortly thereafter ... and they like it and want more! - and therefore might be offensive to female viewers, but Denner's character doesn't come across as malicious (the feminine allure is shown as something formidable and worth placing on a pedestal) and it's fairly clear that Truffaut doesn't intend for this to be taken completely seriously. When it comes to the ending, I presume he figured his Lothario getting hit by a car when chasing some new piece of ass to be an ironic/tongue-in-cheek conclusion (a death blow with sense of morality), but I think it's an uncreative letdown, and someone with Truffaut's film-sense should have pulled something better together.