Wife vs. Secretary

Director: Clarence Brown
Year Released: 1936
Rating: 2.0

After it's suggested to 'wife' (Myrna Loy) that her husband, 'V.S.' (Clark Gable) is having an affair with 'secretary' (sultry Jean Harlow), she begins to look for reasons why this may be true. It's really one of those movies about misunderstandings, where each and every situation Gable and Harlow are in together could be seen as indicative of Gable's infidelity, but 'we,' the audience, 'know' that he is true blue, so there isn't much to worry about (he's aware of Harlow's presence but is more interested in work; he's like an impotent old man who knows he can't do anything with a pretty young blonde but admires her all the same). It plays the same note throughout, never changing - James Stewart is underused as Harlow's (real) love interest.