- 2008: The Year in Review, Economic Crisis Edition


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2008: The Year in Review, Economic Crisis Edition

[Ed. note. In this year of cut-backs and layoffs and financial instability, not even dinky little web sites like this are immune. After speaking with intrepid webmaster John and our accountant Bridget, we have come to the conclusion that in order to keep bandwidth costs down and keep our annual Booze & Hooker budget intact, we're going to have to keep this Year in Review as compact and efficient as possible. Instead of a gigantic list of things I like or dislike and an accompanying essay, code has been generated that randomizes this page. That way, every time you refresh the page, new entries pop up magically. Instead of punching up a list of top ten movies that will probably change two dozen times by February, I can use that free time on my two new part time jobs: cleaning doctors' offices (and going through everyone's medical records) and working at Blockbuster and recommending unrated Catherine Breillat films to the elderly. Never forget fellow Americans: When you save money and pay your bills, the terrorists do not win.]

I Like This: Let the Right One In (Smashing!)

I Don't Like This: Iron Man (Ghastly!)

I Like to Stare At: Keira Knightley

Random St. Obama Pinko Commie Word of the Year: "COOPERATION"

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